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Eastcote and Northwood Hills URC Church

Eastcote and Northwood Hills URC is a church and community centre that provides space for local worship and community activities to take place. The use will remain as existing providing these services for the local community but they will be increased and improved through the extension and refurbishment of the existing buildings. The proposal is to create a coherent series of formal and informal church and community spaces that are flexible and fully accessible with a community cafe facing onto the High Street. The introduction of ramps, a lift and new WCs will enable the church and community centre to be used by far more people than at present in the local community.

The proposed design of the newly extended and refurbished church directly references elements from the existing building. The brick corbelled arch to the existing main entrance was a starting point for developing the brick corbelling to both of the extension wings. It is a classic mid-20th century detail, characteristic of the surrounding areas and was chosen to celebrate the front elevation of the church as a building of importance along the High Street. All new brickwork will match the existing so that it will seamlessly flow between existing and new.

existing church frontage

existing view of car park

sketch view of new side entrance

proposed ground floor plan

proposed first floor plan

sketch section

view of new church hall

early concept sketch of church

sketch from entrance hall

sketch showing gallery

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