Bateman’s Row

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Theis and Khan developed their offices to create a mixed-use building comprising three floors of commercial space, with residential units above. The design has made the most of a confined site to create a contextual building within the existing cityscape. There is a deliberate play of opposites throughout; flush and recessed, rough and smooth, dark and light, solid and void within an overall composition that develops from a dark solid base to an open glazed top. Sustainable construction methods were adopted from inception and include an exposed concrete structure to enhance thermal mass combined with a highly insulated envelope; solar panels to supplement hot water provision; natural ventilation and a green roof.

The building has been awarded an RIBA London Award 2010 and RIBA London Building of the Year Award 2010. Bateman’s Row was shortlisted for the RIBA Stirling Prize 2010 please click the link to view the video.


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